Sunday, January 29, 2006

fighting the cold, fighting the snow and fighting the man...

i can't fully kick this cold. I don't feel horrible, just a bit of nasal drip and fatique. Erika is real bad and Carter still seems to be coughing too. This might be my reality with a kid. Great.

we got a bit of snow here in Maine, but not a ton. I was able to ski a few days at Pineland and did short ski yesterday on a 50 degree day...holy shit global warming is legit! Supposed to get a snow/ice storm the next few days.

the man is actually my local YMCA pool. That damn thing is always closed! I pay 42.00 per month and get shut out about 1/3 of the time. the sign always says "due to an accident"? what the hell does that mean? All I can think about is a caddy shack moment!

anyway, Feb is here time to get serious for Placid. I am on good form, feel motivated and ready to put in 25 hard weeks!

train smart y'all.

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