Monday, January 08, 2007

Training Updates

again for 2007, I will try to update this a bit more (best laid plans...).

This weekend was crazy warm in ME, but rained Sat till ~noon.

Sat AM: run 4 miles EASY...easy like 8:15 pace.
Sat PM: ride 90min with 2 x 12min @ 280w in all terrain. PE was high for the first, second felt much better.

Sun AM: run 11K in 49:00, mostly easy to easy/steady.
Sun midday: rollerski interval as: 4 x 4min @ "race pace" ~180beats for the last minute. Mostly V2 uphill.

this week is a bit of an unload week.

Mon: swim 1800 easy (my swimming is not good right now) then 15min of easy core/functional strength work.

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