Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Mid march, my snow banks are only 1 meter tall now!

Things have been rolling along nicely, lots of things in the queue at the KP casa.

1: addition. with the double down last year we needed more space, so we popped the garage roof and are building a master bed/bath/office. So we should have a real stand alone guest room now. So if you are in Maine...stop in (but not for like 3 weeks)

2:'s done for a little while. I spent 8 days at the OTC in late Feb. a couple days w/USAT coaches and 5 days w/the USAC folks. It's always cool to be on campus and see the real athletes train. Some highlights were seeing Dan O'Brien speak and the 167 college volleyball girls at a camp to make the National Team (all at least 5'8" I think!). I also had dinner with a certain "3 time olympian" and got some great insite from him...ask me about it some time!

3: family. the girls sleep through the night about 5 out of 7 days and the winter crud period is almost over. I think I need to buy stock in whoever makes amoxicyllin (sp). Erika, is back to a little activity and signed up for B2B in August. Carter is potty trainer...cha-ching...less $$ on diapers...hooray!

4: oh yea, training. I am doing that a little too. Not too much though, we dont want it to effect my coaching:-)

Train well ya all...race season approaches!



That Runner Chick said...

i think your typo of writing "diet" instead of "night" says a lot about whats really going in the life of KP. are you eating a lot of complex carbs? were you eating ice cream as you typed this?

Kurt P. said...

no, it was a late night (or diet) blog post and the fingers got away from me!

I am on the SMORE Diet, so complex CHO is only from marshmellows and chocolate.

See you at the expo!


Ange said...

good stuff at your house Kurt.. hope to see you around soon.

Trigirlpink said...

I forgot where you live up there. Nice to hear about what you've been up to.