Friday, June 26, 2009

summer in Maine....ha! Yea right.

I just bought a new gallon of the concentrated Simple Green solution...I had to,I had run out...FROM WASHING MY FRICKIN BIKE! Wow, was late May-early June WET. I think I heard it was the wettest June since 1903? Crazy. I am glad an IM is not on the schedule as I can handle a couple of hours out in it...but not 6+.

ok, enough weatherman BS.

Since my Nationals, Worlds, etc post, things have been rolling along per normal for a dad/husband/wanna be athlete/coach. Lots of racing going on, lots of kid time going on, and my first Fathers day home since I have had children!

You see, every year since 2004 I have had an early season camp, usually in Lake Placid, and it almost ALWAYS fell on Fathers Day. For 2009, I teamed with Peak Performance and because of a race sponsorship for them, we moved it one week forward. 1 week after Mooseman for some of the campers...ouch.

We had a solid group of athletes and 3 other knowledgeable coaches. We got in 2+ days of solid sessions with some of the group running LP half Marathon sunday AM and the rest training on their own. Look for a bunch of these guys and gals on 7/26 ripping it up!

So I got a fathers day with the was lovely.:-)

Now I am planning out the rest of the summer, including coaching stints w/USAT and USAC for some junior development camps and races. A family trip to the cape for a week...and another few days in Placid to spectate and cheer on my peeps.

If you are in town that weekend...find me! Red Sox'll know it.

Train well folks.



Ange said...

camp was so fun Kurt...I was so happy for your input and support. Great that you got to spend Father's Day at home....the way it should be. And the rain! omg! I am dying. hours and hours and hours in the muck. doomed if 7/26 is hot and sunny.
ok-I'll be looking for that hat in a few weeks!

Trigirlpink said...

I am heading to Farmington in 5.3 hours. Please.... I beg of you, make the sun and the muck GO AWAY up there.