Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gloss Star!

With 3 x Double Verge Race weekends, I am WAY behind on updates...so I will make this one SHORT!

Sat : full Nor'easter storm in effect. Super mudder = 12th place for me. Not great, but about all I had on the day.

Sun : perfect New England fall day and the BEST Gloucester course ever! I get a wicked HOLESHOT and ride in the front group for 2 laps then slip back a bit to finish 7th.

Here are some pice and a vid!



Gran Prix of Gloucester - A Cyclocross Film from Benjamin Eckstein on Vimeo.

Next up Providence Cross Festival!


Blake B. said...

You need to buy those pictures! freaking amazing!

IronMatron said...

Love the pics.
Can you teach me how to hop on and off one's bike like that? so cool.
I couldn't get up there this weekend and I NEED to see one of these things before the season's over.