Wednesday, November 11, 2009

quicky NoHo Recap

Leading up the run up Saturday.

Sat : 6th with really bad legs. Looking back, I dont see anything glaring that might indicate why (diet/openers workout, etc) maybe just a long drive Fri and Sat AM?

Sun : was MUCH better. Great start, made the selection with the big hitters (Bold, Hines, Aspolm, Kraus and Boivin). Curtis got spit out 2 laps in and then I bobbled/drove like an idiot and got spit out rolling into the last lap. Rolled in for an uncontested 5th.

Next up are two low key race weekends then the frozen tundra of Sterling the weekend after Thanksgiving.
Hup, Hup y'all!


rungirl said...

I still haven't figured out why anyone would want to do cross. Explain it to me someday over a beer, okay? I'll buy.

Kurt P. said...

really? ask ANYBODY. ANYBODY and they will say it is the most fun you can have on 2 wheels.

-safe (crashing on grass is fun)
-VERY hard (coughing up some blood is common for me)
-low key (beers post race!)

1100+ racers at NoHo this weekend think the same thing!

IronMatron said...

Oh, Robin, I think Cross looks so fun... you should try it with me next season! I need a newbie friend. (sorry kurt, you don't count b/c you're elite.)
Nice racing this weekend, KP. You still use too much lingo, though, and I can't actually figure out what really happened. :)

Wheels said...

Nobody here better watch the Elite start videos!