Thursday, May 25, 2006

long time without an update...

been busy and no updates, here is a quick rundown.
past weekend was solid. a 90 mile / 8 mile brick on Sat, all at goal IM pace +, then Sunday went to the Damariscotta TT. Felt good, got second only after somebody protested his biggie. still a solid ride. Proceeded to ride home for a good volume day to boot!
Mon: off (went to Boston for work)
Tues: swim/run in the AM, some HIM intervals on the bike in the PM
Wed: big run for the week, ran the last 6 at low IM - HIM pace, felt good.
Thursday: swim/run in the AM, easy couple hours on the bike in the PM

This weekend is a biggie...
Race Simulation day Sat (probably 8 hours worth!)
Sunday will be a 6/60/6 combo (the 666, as it is as hard the devil)!

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