Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 : back at it.

my 2009 "season" started Monday the 22nd (i know, why on a holiday week??).

big things planned (ok, not that big).

-be consistent (not having newborn twins will help)
-stay healthy (having 3 kiddos in daycare wont help)
-be a GREAT dad (see below) and husband.

-go back to Belgium in Jan 2010 for Cross.
-Be a GREAT coach to my athletes and produce some stellar results because of that...
-Work more with the Team Vortex Juniors

Short term goals:

-lose the 3 kilos I gained!
-get back to my athletes diet (no need to call it anything different right?)
-win NH/MA/ME Winter Tri's (oops, that's not processed based:-))
-go to the pool more!

Happy New Years gang!


Trigirlpink said...

Oh my goodness.. look at your offspring! They are way to cute to be yours....

Happy New Year!

Kurt P. said...

look how chunking those girls are...can they be mine?:-)

Blake B. said...

Belgium? I'm hiding in your bike box.

JB said...

The blue one needs a new onesie.

The big one - is that a Cowboys jersey? WTH?

Other'n that, they're cute :-)