Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mixed days

AFter 2 races back to back, with a full day travel before, it was nice to sleep in and be lazy for Mon, Tues, Wed.

Monday we drove down to south of Brussels to ride with a friend, Michal. He took us on a SWEET tour of the Wallone region on a COLD and WINDY day. We saw century old churches and castles (one dating back to the 12th century) and through narrow, cobbled streets.

Tues we took the day off the bike, and drove to Amsterdam. We did the tourist thing, walked a lot (ina driving rain....) and checked out the Red Light District.

Wed we did a group cross simulation day at the Tangerlo Abby, then laid low most of the day. It was nice to be lazy, clean the bikes, do laundry...etc.

Today, Thursday it was back to the tourist route. An easy hour spin on a cool Belgium Bike path in the AM, then into Leuvin and Brussels. We ate fresh waffles, and chocolate, had a beer in a pub in Leuvin and saw some incredible old churches and buildings.

Tomorrow we are back to bike racers, heading to Mol to pre-ride, check tires, and "open" up for Masters Worlds on Sat.

I will try to check back in tomorrow PM.

Be well,


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