Friday, January 04, 2008

T-Minus 1 week...

till we are in Belgie to ride/race in the mud and frozen cow patties! I am psyched, and glad I dont have to try to hold onto my bike form much longer!!

The 'numbers' from the old SRM are good, the kilos are low, my only concern is my tech skills, since I have not been outside since mid Dec...from all the snow. Near 4 feet "banks" in my driveway!

After that trip...home to race the Winter Tri Worlds Qualifier at Weston ( and ski a bunch. I hope the traditional Jan. thaw does not ruin this great snow pack!

Equipment wise for Belgie, I think I am leaving the high zoot reynolds carbon wheels home, and bringing 3 pairs of Ksyriums w/Typhoon, Rhino, Pippi's mounted. I can true these if they come out and wont be so concerned about some airline luggage dude crushing them.

I hope to update daily from the land of Frites and stay posted.

Authorized SRM Dealer!!

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Wheels said...

Ahhh, livin' the dream my man! Have fun and take it all in, I'm jealous.