Saturday, January 12, 2008

One down...

and 6euro richer.

We raced in Schriek at a small, local race. Really, like in someones backyard...but full pro. announcer, smoky beer tent, tricky course in the woods.

There were ~35 Masters A racers, and some serious looking dudes. The course was TIGHT and twisty w/little place to pass. Start is key. So I go and slip my pedal right at the start....DOH.

I hit the single track in 12th or so.

Move up 1-2 spots in lap 1, then get caught behind a guy who is going way slow....I am patient, ya know, not rock the boat in the first race.

Once I am by him, I start to move up and reel in people. With 1 to go, I catch Greg (he nailed the start) and get buy on the grass straight away (note ZERO pavement here).

Just then the dude who has sat on me for 3 laps....punches it and drops me....good bike racer.

I hold on for 7th and some $$!

Greg gets 8th so we have has dominance for the day...but this is cross, and we race tomorrow. Could be A LOT different.

Check in tomorrow...



Blake Becker said...

Nice job KP...great to hear luck was on your side. How far up was 6th? could you have caught with a clean start?

KP said...

maybe, the course was SO tight...the gaps were created early and pretty much stayed that way.

I was just psyched the legs were good, less than 24 hours after flying all night.