Monday, September 20, 2004

hoping the foot heals

So with my mini taper...I had some free time over the weekend. Did a boring ride on the rollers Sat AM then went to Masters. Felt good, but a bit sore from the Friday swim. Actually got a flat tire on the Subaru Sat so I had to put the spare on during the deluge that was Ivan. So it looks like 450.00 for new treads this afternoon!
Sunday did some hard VO2 max intervals then a good 20min Threshold block on the bike. Total time was almost 3 hours. I am feeling good, but nervous about the foot. The open wound is right on my arch so it rubs whenever I do anything. I have fashioned a custom "doughnut" bandage to try and let it go with out be rubbed raw on every workout. Hopefully it will be good for Tahoe...and my run speed won't suck!

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