Friday, September 17, 2004

mini taper and race day mistakes!

I have started a "mini" taper for Xterra Nationals. Basically just reducing volume a bit and making sure to not do any "junk miles". My swimming and bike is really coming along! Did a steady swim at Walden today and did a PR without much effort. Also did some VO2 max intervals on the bike a few days ago and every one felt solid (both watts and RPE). I will shoot for 8-10 hours per week till Tahoe next week.

As stated in my last blog, I did a small Oly distance race last weekend. The event went well. Exited the water in about 6th or 7th, then moved up to top 3 on the bike. On a note, the race was poorly monitored and many people missed a turn on the bike and skipped about 4 miles of the ride! The run was steady tempo and I felt ok, considering I trained almost 4 hours the day before. I did make one major error (hopefully this won't effect Tahoe). I decided to try racing without socks for the first time...bad decision. I now have two large open wounds on both arches. I am trying to heal it quickly. BTW, I ended up 2nd in the Oly tri. So no running this week. Hopefully this weekend.

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