Thursday, December 23, 2004

Long time away

So it has been months since I wrote, I have been very busy with work and coaching. The ski season is here, but there is no snow to be found. 56 and rain today! Last night I did 2x20min at LT on a 80sec ski loop at Weston. That was rough. Hopefully some precip this weekend. Erika just interviewed for a job in the twin cities and we may end up there. That would be cool as the skiing is great in town, when there is snow! Happy Holidays.

Monday, September 20, 2004

hoping the foot heals

So with my mini taper...I had some free time over the weekend. Did a boring ride on the rollers Sat AM then went to Masters. Felt good, but a bit sore from the Friday swim. Actually got a flat tire on the Subaru Sat so I had to put the spare on during the deluge that was Ivan. So it looks like 450.00 for new treads this afternoon!
Sunday did some hard VO2 max intervals then a good 20min Threshold block on the bike. Total time was almost 3 hours. I am feeling good, but nervous about the foot. The open wound is right on my arch so it rubs whenever I do anything. I have fashioned a custom "doughnut" bandage to try and let it go with out be rubbed raw on every workout. Hopefully it will be good for Tahoe...and my run speed won't suck!

Friday, September 17, 2004

mini taper and race day mistakes!

I have started a "mini" taper for Xterra Nationals. Basically just reducing volume a bit and making sure to not do any "junk miles". My swimming and bike is really coming along! Did a steady swim at Walden today and did a PR without much effort. Also did some VO2 max intervals on the bike a few days ago and every one felt solid (both watts and RPE). I will shoot for 8-10 hours per week till Tahoe next week.

As stated in my last blog, I did a small Oly distance race last weekend. The event went well. Exited the water in about 6th or 7th, then moved up to top 3 on the bike. On a note, the race was poorly monitored and many people missed a turn on the bike and skipped about 4 miles of the ride! The run was steady tempo and I felt ok, considering I trained almost 4 hours the day before. I did make one major error (hopefully this won't effect Tahoe). I decided to try racing without socks for the first time...bad decision. I now have two large open wounds on both arches. I am trying to heal it quickly. BTW, I ended up 2nd in the Oly tri. So no running this week. Hopefully this weekend.

Friday, September 10, 2004


so I don't normally do road tri's but think I need to race a bit more and they are more prevalent. So last night i mounted some Profile aero bars to the C-Dale and I am doing an Oly distance race Sunday. Today I did a very easy open water swim at Walden (concentrating on good catch) then a easy road ride mid day with some time on the funny bars. Of course the wind was ripping today so that it interesting! This weekend, I will swim Masters Sat afternoon then race Sunday. Otherwise, just hanging at home.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Remnants of Francis

It's raining here in Boston, so the workouts had to be modified. Was going to do the Harvard ride this morning, but bagged about 5 minutes from home. Went to the gym and did some spinner/treadmill combos. Then rode the rain bike at lunch and stayed completely dry. Tomorrow is supposed to be bad. Planning on a steady hard 4000m open water in the AM. Will try to go unless it is super nasty out. Then a tempo/race pace run at lunch.