Thursday, February 14, 2008


I took a solid swim break this winter (I dont recomend it...) but have been back solid for 3-4 weeks now. Shooting for 12-15K per week in 4-5 sessions.

Nothing earth shattering as far as workouts, just solid sessions near 3500scy. I usually mix in a short day (150-50y) and two moderate days (200-800y).

The pace is coming quick, but this weekend I might get together with super swimmer Larissa B. to get some tech pointers (I think my spine is a bit curved, thus pushing my feet down a bit).

From here on out, I will try to be better about posting my training updates : I will tell you this, it won't be huge stuff as I will soon have 3 kids in my pocession, but it will be consistent!

Get in the pool gang.