Tuesday, December 19, 2006

sick again...

so for those of you following along you know that I had a tough winter of 2005/2006 with illness. Carter started day care and he brought home every bug that went around.

Well, it has started again. Another nasty cold. I started to feel it Sunday afternoon on my rollerski, by Monday AM....it was full on. Today, i have the whole array of symptoms; body ache, sore throat, head ache, nasal drip...uggh.

I have skipped training Mon and Tues, and hope to be back at it Wed. I guess I am glad there is no snow...so I am not missing skiing.

Stay healthy everybody!


Monday, December 18, 2006

Cyclocross Nationals

Final cross race of the year.

On a great course in Roger WIlliams park in RI, super fun, twisty with some elevation gain too. Wide and fair with lots of passing (remember this)

I signed up late, and line up went off of when you signed up...I had #967, and they started at 800!! Doh, that is 17 rows of 12 guys in front of me.

At the gun, I darted to the outside and passed a few folks, then it was 45min of mayem as I tried to make some crazy passes, get to another group, recover for 30sec, then punch it again. I felt good, not great. My HR was 188BPM average for the 45min, so I was getting after it.

On the last lap, I caught a group with John M from Maine, and tried to attack on the gravel road before some tech sections near the finish. They latched on, and 3 of the 4 passed me in the sprint. I ended up 37th. I had to lay on the grass for 3-4 minutes just to stop from throwing up. It was hard.

Brandon got 4th, and Brian H 18th in the "small" 30-34 race of 81 guys, solid rides by each.

Now a bit of a recovery (prompted by the cold I got Sat) and final ramp to Winter Tri Nationals in Feb.