Thursday, March 30, 2006


AM: long run. 1:50 total at ~7:35 pace. Not sure of distance as I hit a few trails and whatnot. Felt good, but got a nasty blister.

PM: 1:00 recovery spin to coffee favorite workout.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wed 3/29/2006

Swim as:
300 swim
3x100 pull w/pad
10x50 as drill/swim
400 steady
4x100 as 50s/50h
3x100 steady
6x50 descend 1-5, #6 is easy
8x25 all out (~16sec) (:20)
-------------------------- Bonus set.
8x100 steady leaving 1:35 (touched 1:21 on each)
200 easy cool down
4000 SCY

Straight into a VERY easy 35min run.

This afternoon will be 2.5 hours on the bike, with 2x20min at goal IM watts in all terrain.

train smart!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Cali Camp, and another bug.

So I got home Saturday from the C-S camp in San Diego. Pretty good training for the week (~23 hours) and 1-2 epic days in the saddle. Still a bit of traffic for my liking though. We did the "famous" Palomar climb in the area and Steve and I had a good "tempo" effort up it.

I am back home for 5 days and of course I have another bug, this time it feels like something more serious, as I feel it in my chest. I don't actually feel bad, just a cough and sore throat. I will try to slam it with some vitamins and fluids and lay low for a few days.

It is good to be home and see Carter and Erika, I really miss them while away.