Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Mid march, my snow banks are only 1 meter tall now!

Things have been rolling along nicely, lots of things in the queue at the KP casa.

1: addition. with the double down last year we needed more space, so we popped the garage roof and are building a master bed/bath/office. So we should have a real stand alone guest room now. So if you are in Maine...stop in (but not for like 3 weeks)

2:'s done for a little while. I spent 8 days at the OTC in late Feb. a couple days w/USAT coaches and 5 days w/the USAC folks. It's always cool to be on campus and see the real athletes train. Some highlights were seeing Dan O'Brien speak and the 167 college volleyball girls at a camp to make the National Team (all at least 5'8" I think!). I also had dinner with a certain "3 time olympian" and got some great insite from him...ask me about it some time!

3: family. the girls sleep through the night about 5 out of 7 days and the winter crud period is almost over. I think I need to buy stock in whoever makes amoxicyllin (sp). Erika, is back to a little activity and signed up for B2B in August. Carter is potty trainer...cha-ching...less $$ on diapers...hooray!

4: oh yea, training. I am doing that a little too. Not too much though, we dont want it to effect my coaching:-)

Train well ya all...race season approaches!


Friday, March 06, 2009