Saturday, October 22, 2005

long time since an update..

since Carter was born, life has been hectic! Sleep is at a premium and so is training time, but I would not trade it for anything. He is just too awesome! 4 days after he was born i raced the last tri for me this year, a small sprint here in Maine...and I won it! Pretty crazy, no training and not much sleep. I guess I had the power of the newborn! 7 days later and still with no training (ok I rode the day before) I did the Maine TT champs and finished 3rd in the 19-34 AG...not a bad ride. I went out a bit hard but settled in and tried to stay as aero as possible. Since then, my fitness has plummeted! I rode for 2.5 hours yesterday and about died! I have been trying to stay up on the running and a bit of rollerskiing too. Even sneaking in a strength session too.

This winter will be interesting. I am considering coaching at a local HS and this might limit my ski racing, but I bet it will be a great experience! I plan to train pretty lightly till 11/1 and then hope to ramp it up a bit with some hill bounding and rollerskiing.

Carter is getting real big (almost 11 pounds) and is not afraid of the breast for sure! My life might get a bit tougher now too as Erika has started to pump, so we can use a bottle (aka I can use a bottle).

The last thing for now...I finally launched a site for multisport coaching I will continue to coach cycling for Cycle-Smart but wanted a way to pick up some multisport athletes too. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions/comments.

Train smart..