Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Coach Jorge rambling...

a long write up here on "base" : I have not read it all, but skimmed it and it looks cool.

It might make you think...


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Back in the States : Winter Multisport

So the crew made it back to the USA without a hitch. Our bikes flew free, I had an empty seat next me, and 3 movies I had not seen! It was esp. nice to get home and see my little guy before bed that night, he was so excited.

It took me 4-5 solid days to get back to east coast time, I would wake at 4Am and be exhausted by 7pm, but I would hang tough till 9pm to try to expedite the process.

After being home for 4 days, I was back into race mode at the Fast Splits Winter Triathlon @ Weston MA. This would serve as a qualifier for WInter Tri Worlds in Germany in Feb.

The events were : 5K run, 8K bike, 6K XC ski.

I was a little suspect of my form for the running and skiing as I had not been doing much of either in the last 3 weeks. There also happened to be some good athletes at the race (nearly 60 racers), including Stephen Judice from ME, John Spinney from VT and Jon Arne Erveldson from VT.

Luckily JA and Stephen took the run out at a nice steady pace, and I found my legs pretty quick. I hit T1 in 3rd, about 5sec back, nailed the transition and lead out onto the bike. I threw down a hard tempo to get a gap and was able to ride all the snow sections throughout the race, by the time I hit T2, I think I had 2.5 minutes on Brian Hughes and the rest...

The ski was tough for me, the lack of snow time showed and I skied like a bafoon for most of it, trying to use the 95% rule to ski w/good form and not worry about speed. My calves were cramping throughout and I could hardly V2 because of it...but even w/JA chasing, 2.5 minutes over 6K would be tough to make up...

I held on to win by ~1min and was glad it was over.

Now I need to decide if I am gonna try to go to Germany for Worlds. I might see if I can go as a coach/wax tech/athlete and get some help from USAT.

So for those of you reading this who ride/run/ski...make sure to get out and try a Winter Tri asap!

Train well,

Friday, January 18, 2008

Mol Worlds Course

For a full blow by blow, go to

Greg has the full course documented.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mixed days

AFter 2 races back to back, with a full day travel before, it was nice to sleep in and be lazy for Mon, Tues, Wed.

Monday we drove down to south of Brussels to ride with a friend, Michal. He took us on a SWEET tour of the Wallone region on a COLD and WINDY day. We saw century old churches and castles (one dating back to the 12th century) and through narrow, cobbled streets.

Tues we took the day off the bike, and drove to Amsterdam. We did the tourist thing, walked a lot (ina driving rain....) and checked out the Red Light District.

Wed we did a group cross simulation day at the Tangerlo Abby, then laid low most of the day. It was nice to be lazy, clean the bikes, do laundry...etc.

Today, Thursday it was back to the tourist route. An easy hour spin on a cool Belgium Bike path in the AM, then into Leuvin and Brussels. We ate fresh waffles, and chocolate, had a beer in a pub in Leuvin and saw some incredible old churches and buildings.

Tomorrow we are back to bike racers, heading to Mol to pre-ride, check tires, and "open" up for Masters Worlds on Sat.

I will try to check back in tomorrow PM.

Be well,


Monday, January 14, 2008


Just wanted to give some props to my guys at Cycle-Smart back in the US.

Adam and the crew has always supported Cross in a big way and I also do some coaching for them.

Adam has many years of experience racing in Europe and esp. racing CX in northern Europe.

I am rocking the kits over here and the baby blue and white are pretty "PRO" so I fit in just fine.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

the way cross should be.

small dutch town (google Bakel Holland), and the whole town is out to watch.

INCREDIBLE course, so much fun. A bit of everything. Grass, pavement, single track, 2 sand sections including a brutal run up.

The sign up process is simple. Turn in your UCI license, get a number for 5euro, go get warmed up. I get a few laps in, but wish I had 1-2 more as it is tricky. Finish w/ a few hard efforts on the road and head to the start. Today we race with the amateurs as there is no 35+ masters in Holland. There are some fast can just tell.

My start sucked again, not sure why. This time on a long straight road, into the woods in about 25th or so. I stay patient, pick off a few dudes, and catch Greg at the end of lap 1 on the pavement. I make a hard dig and tell him to jump on..

After that I am sort of in no mans land chasing a guy who I think is 15th place. W/2 to go I have about 10 sec gap from him and plan to make up 3-5 sec that lap then drill it the last lap. Except I make 2-3 mistakes in the tight twisty's and loose a few seconds. DAMN. So I get the bell lap and DRILL it, its only 10 min of hurting right? The guy is coming back and after the BIG sand run up I am ~3-4 seconds back...I have his bullseye in my sights.

I chase like mad till we hit the pavement, he looks back, sees me, and punches it....good for 16th place and another 5 euro pay day.

With perfect weather, a GREAT course and friendly dutch folks (who almost all spoke english) it was a GREAT cross day. If I come back to this area someday, I will do this race for sure.

Train well, be well.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

One down...

and 6euro richer.

We raced in Schriek at a small, local race. Really, like in someones backyard...but full pro. announcer, smoky beer tent, tricky course in the woods.

There were ~35 Masters A racers, and some serious looking dudes. The course was TIGHT and twisty w/little place to pass. Start is key. So I go and slip my pedal right at the start....DOH.

I hit the single track in 12th or so.

Move up 1-2 spots in lap 1, then get caught behind a guy who is going way slow....I am patient, ya know, not rock the boat in the first race.

Once I am by him, I start to move up and reel in people. With 1 to go, I catch Greg (he nailed the start) and get buy on the grass straight away (note ZERO pavement here).

Just then the dude who has sat on me for 3 laps....punches it and drops me....good bike racer.

I hold on for 7th and some $$!

Greg gets 8th so we have has dominance for the day...but this is cross, and we race tomorrow. Could be A LOT different.

Check in tomorrow...


Friday, January 11, 2008


So we are on the ground in Belgiam, Blauberg to be exact. About 50K from Brussels.

Travel was tricky as usual. Our flight from Dulles to Brussels was cancelled early Thursday AM, so we all had to scramble. I got on a Dulles to Munich flight, then connected to Brussels. My companions, Greg and Brandon flew Denver to Philly then on to Brussels.

You know you are in the mecca when you see Johan Bruyneel (ex-Director of Discovery Channel) in the airport.

We got settled, built a bike...and went for a spin. In the rain of course.

Tomorrow we race our first race in Schriek Groot Lo.

talk soon,


Friday, January 04, 2008

T-Minus 1 week...

till we are in Belgie to ride/race in the mud and frozen cow patties! I am psyched, and glad I dont have to try to hold onto my bike form much longer!!

The 'numbers' from the old SRM are good, the kilos are low, my only concern is my tech skills, since I have not been outside since mid Dec...from all the snow. Near 4 feet "banks" in my driveway!

After that trip...home to race the Winter Tri Worlds Qualifier at Weston ( and ski a bunch. I hope the traditional Jan. thaw does not ruin this great snow pack!

Equipment wise for Belgie, I think I am leaving the high zoot reynolds carbon wheels home, and bringing 3 pairs of Ksyriums w/Typhoon, Rhino, Pippi's mounted. I can true these if they come out and wont be so concerned about some airline luggage dude crushing them.

I hope to update daily from the land of Frites and stay posted.

Authorized SRM Dealer!!