Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 : back at it.

my 2009 "season" started Monday the 22nd (i know, why on a holiday week??).

big things planned (ok, not that big).

-be consistent (not having newborn twins will help)
-stay healthy (having 3 kiddos in daycare wont help)
-be a GREAT dad (see below) and husband.

-go back to Belgium in Jan 2010 for Cross.
-Be a GREAT coach to my athletes and produce some stellar results because of that...
-Work more with the Team Vortex Juniors

Short term goals:

-lose the 3 kilos I gained!
-get back to my athletes diet (no need to call it anything different right?)
-win NH/MA/ME Winter Tri's (oops, that's not processed based:-))
-go to the pool more!

Happy New Years gang!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Not a salad in sight...

with my usual end of competition season break, comes my end of athletes diet break too:-)

Normally I follow a moderate GI diet, with "windows" of higher GI foods pre-training or racing. My diet is high in healthy veggies, nuts, lean proteins and very little "starchy" CHO (but still a bit as I have a 3 year old!).

Since the final Verge race, I have been on a no "green" diet. Lots of Thai/Indian/Mexican cuisine all washed down with some yummy brown beers to boot! so far I am up 1 pound...and hope to put on another 2 pounds by the end of my break on the 19th of December.

So, while your off the bike or have the running shoes stored away...enjoy a "normal" (sad to say eh?) diet so it is easier to get back to that athletes diet when the break is over!

Happy Holidays folks!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Verge #8 and #9 : Rhode Island

Or how to suck in Rhode Island....
I dont know why, but these 2 races always get me. I know the Sunday course is a bit technical for me, but Sat is tailor made for me. Not this year!

With family obligations, I had to make the LONG drive from ME to RI Sat at 4:45 AM. This would cause me one major mistake. During that time, pre-race, I only ate a bagel w/peanut butter. I am 99% sure I was low blood sugar pre-race.

the start went well and I holeshot into the sand, with Mark Mc and Johnny B. on my tail. Onto the second pavement section, Johnny and I punched it and got a gap. I felt good. The pace was hard, but doable. About 1/2 lap later the group had formed w/me, Johnny, Mark Mc, Keven H, Mark S, one other Corner cylce dude and Roger A from Westwood. We stayed this way for 2.5 more laps with Roger driving the pace. Then it happened...I started to get lightheaded and blurry eyed. I started to blow out of corners and feel "spacey". During this time, Johnny crashed right in front of me, and I almost ran into him. I eventually had to pull over and put my head on the seat, I was slurring my words and wobbly legged. My day would end right there. DNF = zero points. Fuck me.
I almost bailed for home, as i thought I was catching the bug that the kids had. But after I ate, actually felt ok, and it was becoming more clear...maybe this was a calorie issue?? So I stayed down and decided to make a gameday decision.

sunday I awoke to 1+ inches of fresh snow...but I headed down to Goddard Park to end the season with a finish at least...and that's about all I got. To summarize : my legs we bad, and my technical skills even worse. 18th place = zero points.

so in the end, I would drop 2 spots to 9th in the series and head home to Maine to a end of season break and regroup.

all in all, the CX season went well. I was "in" most of the races and able to make a few $$ here and there too. for 2009 I am hoping a complete summer of training consistenly will pay divendends next Sept with an EVEN bigger Verge NE series on the schedule.
For now, it is Belgium Beer and Ice cream for a few days!
Some pics from Zach Magoon:

Monday, December 01, 2008

Verge #7 : Sterling

Sterling always ranks as one of my favorite races on the calendar (and will be 2 days in 2009!), the course is always very euro and the close drive from in laws is nice to boot!
This year, I went into the race a little worried about my fitness as I had not raced since 11/9 due to some travel/work stuff and no local races the weekend prior. Cyclocross is very much about participation, it is very hard to mimic the demands of the event in training (mostly because it hurts too much!) so with 20 days between races I knew I might need to reset my "governor" with a solid set of openers Friday and a very dynamic and aggressive warm up Saturday.

I got to the site 2 hours pre-race and did my normal WU routine with a couple of laps on the mostly frozen course and then some hard efforts on the trainer. The "sensations" were good...I thought.
I got my normal front row call up for being top 10 in Verge points and knew a good start would be important before the BIG run up about 400 meters into the race. Normally my start skills are all A game, but today I slipped the pedal and dropped about 5 wheels back around the cinder track (that was now full on mud from the sun warming things up). i hit the run up behind Mark Mc., Stotz and John Mosher. About 6th wheel. But immediately felt "off". I was kicking the pedals and I think I even did a double tap remount on lap 1. I was suffering at a 9+ out of 10 level, but moving at a 7 out of 10 level....

For the next 3-4 laps I rode 3-8 seconds back of Mark Mc (Stotz was gone and having a great ride!) and even when Kevin Hines went by me I could not stay on his wheel...I was going to have to fight for this position.

I never did catch Mark and with 2 to go he PUNCHED and passed like 3 fading riders.

I would solo in for 8th place about 10 seconds up on my teammate Stephan.

Based on how the day "felt" I will take it. This will solidify my position for the last 2 Verge races in Rhode Island next weekend.

Below are a few pics thanks to my athlete David Lundin:
The Steep and slippery run up.

the last step was total ice...and slick!

about to remount at the top.
the fast, icy right-hander at the bottom of the hill.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Coach Jorge's Power 2009 sessions

Over at Coach Jorge's site, he has a HUGE virtual posse following a structured bike workout program for the winter 2009.

Looks like detailed workouts and some low key feedback at BT are all included. A great way to get motivated and push through the long/dark/cold winter.

Join in!


Monday, November 17, 2008

Plymouth Cyclocross and beyond...

this one will be short as I am slammed.

The weekend of the 8/9th, I raced the Plymouth South CX. I got a pretty royal beat down by the Corner Cycle guys (Bold, Hines, Mosher) and Mark Mc. I hung tough even though they were launching attacks throughout...but they gapped me with 1.5 laps to go. 5th place. not bad considering I had a sinus infection all week.

I had to skip the Lowell Shedd Park race yesterday. After being away all week at the OTC in Co Springs for some USAT Coaches clinics...I had to make up some family time. Looks like the next real race is the 29th at Sterling.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Verge #5 and #6 : Cycle-Smart International

Northampton is one of my favorite CX locals. Look park is gorgeous, the courses are super, and the town of NoHo is typical cute New England.

Logistics for the weekend were tough. Figure in a 4 hour drive, with Halloween being Friday and I had to juggle a few things. Erika and I tag teamed the kids to get through dinner, trick or treating and bed time so I was on the road by 8PM. 2.5 hours later I was in MA at the in-laws. 6AM wake call for a 10:30 start in NoHo.

Sat Race: front row call up as I am 7th in points in Elite Masters. I get an ok start, but not my usual "holeshot". No prob, I slot in about 8th and we cruise the first lap. I have good sensations and stay in that group for the first lap. Just as we make the 180 onto the pavement to end the lap, i punch it hard, spin the tire a bit, then it hops onto the pavement and "rolls" the tire! Doh. Luckily only a small (5-6inch) section pops off. Meanwhile Todd C. from Westwood Velo is yelling his head off as I try to pull it back Todd, I didnt want to roll the tire chief....I get the tire on, and chase like a MF'er for 1.5 laps. I then latch onto the group with Mark B. from Ottawa, a couple of Westwood dudes (including todd), and a few Corner Cycle guys. My teammates Big Al and Stephan are in there too. I go to the front and push the pace, trying to dislodge a few guys as the laps wind down. On the last lap, I drill it and get a small gap, that I hold to the finish, for 9th. This was a VERY had race for me and I was dry heaving for 5+min after. A recoverite and a coke with a spin cool down and I was on the road to the inlaws.

Sun Race : the course was reset and SWEET, kudos to the guys at Cycle-Smart for 2 great courses. During warm up, I knew I had good sensations and was looking to make the front group asap. At the start I nail the clip in (I love Shimano XTR pedals btw...), and am second wheel into the dirt behind Roger A. A few guys slot in front of me as I had to dismount at the sand when Roger swerved, including Mark Mc. He and Johnny separated themselves and now the race was on. The only mistake I made on the day was NOT rolling off the front of our group with Roger and Dan C. These 2 stayed 10sec in front of my group the whole race...good racing by them. I was in the group with Kevin H, Mark S and Curtis B. We worked pretty well together, but to be honest Mark and Kevin did most of the work. With 2 to go Curtis tried a dig...then dropped a chain (did I mention I hate single rings), just then the 3 of us accelerated and Curtis was off. with about 1/2 lap to go, Mark tried to let Kevin roll off a bit, but I punched it around him and got on Kevin's wheel through the twisty's up top. Kevin led onto the pavement and braked very hard in the 180 corner. this forced me to lock up the rear wheel and a small gap opened and I could not come around him. 6th place on the day.

All in all, a GREAT weekend with solid rides and a few $$ earned.

Next up some smaller NE races before Sterling Verge race on the 29th.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Race Rigs

Now that the season is in full swing..I figure a bike review is in order.

Let's see what KP is riding for 2008/2009.

To start, I am on 2009 Ridley X-Fire Carbon frame sets, size 54cm. These a pretty standard Euro style CX set. A slightly higher BB, top tube mounted cables, full carbon 4ZA fork.

Gruppo is 95% SRAM : and mostly RED or Force parts at that. Shifters are Red, while front and rear deraileurs are Force. One little trick part is the Parlee Carbon front deraileur band on both frames.

Braking duty goes to a SUPER sweet set of TRP Mag Eurox brakes : these are by far the best stoppers I have ever used for CX. Easy to set up, tons of adjustability, and WHITE Sex to boot. I did swap out for the tried and true Swiss Stop pads thanks to my primary sponsor Bikeman.

For wheels, I am using an assortement of Reynolds Status and DV 46 wheel sets, clad in the best CX tires on the planet, Dugast. This are courtesy of my good bro Stu at . Each pair is mounted with the tape and glue method that Stu preaches and the sidewalls are AquaSealed to keep the "bling" throughout the season.

Misc :

Pedals are Shimano XTR

Stem and Post are Alpha Q

Bars are 3T Rotundo Pro

The bikes in race trim are 16.5 pounds (~7.48kilos) : they handle great and look sharp to boot!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pineland CX : "almost" a win

This Saturday was the "hometown" race at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester Maine. Hosted by the Maine Cycling Club, this is one of my favorite venues. 30+K of grass xc ski trails and open fields.

The course set was moderately technical, but very "heavy" with a good bit of elevation and long grass.

Sat was the first real "fall" day in Maine : frost on the grass and cars, the warm up would require some "Belgian knee warmers", along with thermal gloves and jacket.

The line up was first come first serve, so I lined up front row. The whistle is blown, and I drill it, get the whole shot...then miss a shift. My teammate Ryan leads into the grass, and I am second. Ryan is MONEY in the tech stuff and staying in front of me till the grass section across the damn. I then drill it, pass him and set off on my own...

After 3 laps, I am 10sec up on big AL and Wheels, thinking I would see 3 to go, I would keep pushing on...then I saw 4 to go. So I drifted back, let them catch me, then sat on. Al was setting a nice comfortable pace, then a stick in the spokes and he lost his I attacked. Wheels came with, and we were off. I could hurt Wheels on the steep, and harder sections, then he would roll back to me on the tech sections. I had plans to drill it up the climb to the finish, but Wheels and I called a truce and decided to split the cash. So we cruised in, hand-in-hand. Of course he rolled across JUST in front of me, and got the credit for the win.

All in all a FUN race, on a gorgeous day. Post race, I got my cash, then spent it on lunch with the fam at the Pinelands cafe.

Below is a pic courtesy of Don McEwan:

Friday, October 17, 2008

Gloucester Verge Series Races #3 and #4

If you saw my 10/8 post, you know I have mixed feelings about racing in Gloucester MA for the traditional UCI CX weekend. I have never really been "in" the races down there. Usually illness or poor starts conspire against me.

For 2008, I thought the trend would continue with an early week "bug" hanging around till Thursday. I hit it hard with all the homeopathic remedies I know...and maybe they worked, or at least my brain thought they did!

Sat Elite Masters 1/2/3 Race: I got a front row call up, and nailed the whistle pretty good, to slot into third behind Johnny B. and Curtis B. Through the twisty's and into the run-up, I drop back a few more slots. The legs are good, but not great. I settle in a group with Roger A. and a few Corner Cycle guys (including Kevin H.). I am making a few mistakes in the corners, and having to close back up. Then Roger attacks, and the rubber band is snapped. I drop to a group with John M. and a few Westwood dudes. I basically sit on, and let them duke it out...with 1 lap to go I am hurting and they gap me a bit. Coleman Oconnor goes by...and I drop to 11th. I would finish solo there. Full recovery post race. Recoverite, dry clothes, compression tights, and calories. straight home for some family time and R&R.

Sun Elite Masters 1/2/3 Race: similar call up today. This time I NAIL the whistle, clip in like greased lightning (did I mention I love M970 Shimano Pedals?) and hole shot to the dirt. This was key, as they added a steep runup into the first 2 min of the course. I hit this in 3rd or 4th (Mark Mc. and Johnny B. lead). I surf this second group (Roger A, Mark S, Dan C) then let a gap go in the twisty's and get caught by the same group as Sat. I have good legs today, but the teams (corner cycle and westwood velo) are controlling so I just sit on the back. With a lap to go, I should have punched it up the road to lead into the runup as I am fastest of the group here, but I dont. Then, on the next barrier section, I kick the pedal while in the big:big combo, and the chain drops...DOH! With 2 min to race, I am trying to pedal the chain back on, it jumps up quick, but the gap is 20 bike lengths. I charge HARD down the backstretch near the ocean, and just as I catch on the 4 guys start drilling it...I am gassed. I cant respond and roll in for 10th.

All in all, I will take these results. I scored Verge points at both days, and maybe even moved up 1 spot. I am healthy, and the courses get better for me (Noho and Sterling).

I don't have any photos this week, but check for a bunch of great shots of the event.

This weekend : hometown race at Pineland, then Canton!

Pic : post race euphoria:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not the only thing...

there were other races this past weekend, besides Gloucester New England worlds!

3 PBMC Athletes toed the line at IM Hawaii World Championships.

Mother natured returned this year with strong winds and heat, the first time in 4 years or so.

Alex Mc., Blake B. and David L. all dug deep and got it done. congrats to you all!

Coach Kurt

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

LOVE - HATE = Gloucester

Love : the super bowl of CX in the Northeast, great local, close to home.

Hate : poor starts, poor fitness, a flu bug in 2007 (=dnf on Sat last year)

and for 2008...the cold that my 3 little ones has is creepy in.

I know I will be good for Gloucester 2009 though.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Verge New England Series Races 1 and 2

Where : Catamount Trails center WIlliston VT. A great local, but abit of a haul from Maine.

What : races 1 and 2 of the New England series. A smaller than usual field with only 60 dudes, but all the usual hard hitters(Bold, Mark Mc., Hines, Stotz, Bouvin, and a bunch of the Ottawa posse)

How :

Sat, good start and with the second group (Bold and Aspolm check out quick...Mark Mc has a mechanical and is with us). I have good legs, but am lacking "5th gear" and my tech skills are off. On the last lap a group of us are racing for 6th place. Up through the STEEP whoop de doos, then down the fast grass descent. I cut a corner 6 inches too tight and T-BONE a huge rock that is in the grass, tires pops off, I yard sale down the trail...thought the collarbone was broke for sure...but dont lose any positions from my group (although I cant sprint for 6th). Finish, check bike over, quick cool down...and off to hang with the fam.

Sun: slip a pedal at the start and am around 15th into the twisty's. I am able to ride the STEEP up with the log hops, and pass a few dudes. This time our group is HUGE. Like 9 of us. It seems that me, Mark G., Stephan (teammate) and Todd C. are the only folks pulling (it's all grass and windy). We dangle 15sec behind Steve P. from Ottawa the whole race. It is negative racing for sure. Finally with 3/4 lap to go I punch it on this false flat grass section, get a gap into the woods and keep it full throttle to the finish. 6th place, solo.

So, all in all, a solid weekend. My form is ok. I lack that last gear and some tech skills, but know what needs to be done. More importantly, I think I will have a front row start at Gloucester, and that is key on that course. Hope to see you all there!

Pics below:

My pit crew, super cross fan and host for the weekend, Jack P.

With Steve P from Ottawa.

At the top of the stair run up, following Stephan.

accelerating out of the thick grass.

Monday, September 29, 2008


As Cyclocross season hits full steam...I PROMISE to post:-)

Verge VT series race reports within 48 hours...maybe picks too.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

What a difference a year makes!

2008 would be a tough year, I knew that. With twin girls due in April and a 3 year old son, family would be my first priority.

As a long time athlete, sometimes it is hard to break those self absorbed ways and focus on something else...this is something I am dealing with daily.

Yesterday was the Urban Epic, our local "big" Olympic Distance race in Portland. Last year I won the inaugural event and won big. One of those "did not even hurt" days. I did not defend my title. Instead I got my first ever (non mechanical) DNF. I actually think my form is OK (not 2007 good) but mentally I am dealing with a lot. And when it started to hurt...I bailed.

I am surprisingly ok with it.

I really love training, and being healthy...and even love racing. But I love my family more and realize that for the next few years (before the kids don't like me!) I need to focus on their needs and desires. This goes for my athletes as well. As I have said (and most coaches will too...), being a great athlete is not a prerequisite for being a GREAT coach. 2008 I might verify that:-)!

So for now, I will continue to train, train consistently, and sometimes hard...but I will put the family, then my athletes first and my athletic "needs" second.

To anybody of luck to you in your athletic endeavours...and watch out for me in 2009!

Congrats to PBMC athlete Mike Caiazzo for WINNING the Urban Epic!(picured)


Monday, June 09, 2008

How you like them Apples?

All sorts of PBMC athletes killing it on the race course!!

Alex McDonald wins Mooseman AGAIN!

Blake Becker wins Rockman HIM!

Mike Caiazzo comes off the couch to get 5th at Eagleman 70.3

Jessica Broderick gets a bronze medal at AG Worlds!

I mean really, this just scratches the surfaces...everybody is coming into great form. The work is paying off and the results will come!

Train with joy!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bye, Bye.

to my form that is:-)

Since the Belgie trip I have been pretty lax in my training as I knew these 2 would be here at the start of the race season.

I look at it as a new frontier, and a temporary set back.

They are both lovely little things, and should bring more joy than I can comprehend.

I hope I dont get too fat:-)

Train well.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

first time out of their cage for 2008

For my legs. 75F in Maine Friday

Friday, April 18, 2008

2 wheeler dealer

Carter is getting his Like A bike dialed and making a few "hot laps" down the neighbors driveway.

I captured a few Thursday, but missed some of the full rides.

With his swim lessons and his god given running ability...the kid is a natural.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

feeling it...

my age that is.

37 today. so I had to do a 3700 yard set in the pool this AM, then a 3.7 mile run, then 3 x 7min @ FTP today...

I just found out I share a birthday with the Pope (he is a bit older and wears those cool robes and stuff).

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

PRO = early Christmas

My boy AK at SAC sent me some of the PRO parts...these things are super nice, and very popular in Europe.

I plan to use the bars/stem/post on my cross rigs for 2008, but for now these bad boys are going on the TT bike....yummy.

Future Form Killers in route...

any form I might have, will be gone when the 2 little princesses in here arrive in 2 weeks:

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I took a solid swim break this winter (I dont recomend it...) but have been back solid for 3-4 weeks now. Shooting for 12-15K per week in 4-5 sessions.

Nothing earth shattering as far as workouts, just solid sessions near 3500scy. I usually mix in a short day (150-50y) and two moderate days (200-800y).

The pace is coming quick, but this weekend I might get together with super swimmer Larissa B. to get some tech pointers (I think my spine is a bit curved, thus pushing my feet down a bit).

From here on out, I will try to be better about posting my training updates : I will tell you this, it won't be huge stuff as I will soon have 3 kids in my pocession, but it will be consistent!

Get in the pool gang.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Coach Jorge rambling...

a long write up here on "base" : I have not read it all, but skimmed it and it looks cool.

It might make you think...


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Back in the States : Winter Multisport

So the crew made it back to the USA without a hitch. Our bikes flew free, I had an empty seat next me, and 3 movies I had not seen! It was esp. nice to get home and see my little guy before bed that night, he was so excited.

It took me 4-5 solid days to get back to east coast time, I would wake at 4Am and be exhausted by 7pm, but I would hang tough till 9pm to try to expedite the process.

After being home for 4 days, I was back into race mode at the Fast Splits Winter Triathlon @ Weston MA. This would serve as a qualifier for WInter Tri Worlds in Germany in Feb.

The events were : 5K run, 8K bike, 6K XC ski.

I was a little suspect of my form for the running and skiing as I had not been doing much of either in the last 3 weeks. There also happened to be some good athletes at the race (nearly 60 racers), including Stephen Judice from ME, John Spinney from VT and Jon Arne Erveldson from VT.

Luckily JA and Stephen took the run out at a nice steady pace, and I found my legs pretty quick. I hit T1 in 3rd, about 5sec back, nailed the transition and lead out onto the bike. I threw down a hard tempo to get a gap and was able to ride all the snow sections throughout the race, by the time I hit T2, I think I had 2.5 minutes on Brian Hughes and the rest...

The ski was tough for me, the lack of snow time showed and I skied like a bafoon for most of it, trying to use the 95% rule to ski w/good form and not worry about speed. My calves were cramping throughout and I could hardly V2 because of it...but even w/JA chasing, 2.5 minutes over 6K would be tough to make up...

I held on to win by ~1min and was glad it was over.

Now I need to decide if I am gonna try to go to Germany for Worlds. I might see if I can go as a coach/wax tech/athlete and get some help from USAT.

So for those of you reading this who ride/run/ski...make sure to get out and try a Winter Tri asap!

Train well,

Friday, January 18, 2008

Mol Worlds Course

For a full blow by blow, go to

Greg has the full course documented.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mixed days

AFter 2 races back to back, with a full day travel before, it was nice to sleep in and be lazy for Mon, Tues, Wed.

Monday we drove down to south of Brussels to ride with a friend, Michal. He took us on a SWEET tour of the Wallone region on a COLD and WINDY day. We saw century old churches and castles (one dating back to the 12th century) and through narrow, cobbled streets.

Tues we took the day off the bike, and drove to Amsterdam. We did the tourist thing, walked a lot (ina driving rain....) and checked out the Red Light District.

Wed we did a group cross simulation day at the Tangerlo Abby, then laid low most of the day. It was nice to be lazy, clean the bikes, do laundry...etc.

Today, Thursday it was back to the tourist route. An easy hour spin on a cool Belgium Bike path in the AM, then into Leuvin and Brussels. We ate fresh waffles, and chocolate, had a beer in a pub in Leuvin and saw some incredible old churches and buildings.

Tomorrow we are back to bike racers, heading to Mol to pre-ride, check tires, and "open" up for Masters Worlds on Sat.

I will try to check back in tomorrow PM.

Be well,


Monday, January 14, 2008


Just wanted to give some props to my guys at Cycle-Smart back in the US.

Adam and the crew has always supported Cross in a big way and I also do some coaching for them.

Adam has many years of experience racing in Europe and esp. racing CX in northern Europe.

I am rocking the kits over here and the baby blue and white are pretty "PRO" so I fit in just fine.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

the way cross should be.

small dutch town (google Bakel Holland), and the whole town is out to watch.

INCREDIBLE course, so much fun. A bit of everything. Grass, pavement, single track, 2 sand sections including a brutal run up.

The sign up process is simple. Turn in your UCI license, get a number for 5euro, go get warmed up. I get a few laps in, but wish I had 1-2 more as it is tricky. Finish w/ a few hard efforts on the road and head to the start. Today we race with the amateurs as there is no 35+ masters in Holland. There are some fast can just tell.

My start sucked again, not sure why. This time on a long straight road, into the woods in about 25th or so. I stay patient, pick off a few dudes, and catch Greg at the end of lap 1 on the pavement. I make a hard dig and tell him to jump on..

After that I am sort of in no mans land chasing a guy who I think is 15th place. W/2 to go I have about 10 sec gap from him and plan to make up 3-5 sec that lap then drill it the last lap. Except I make 2-3 mistakes in the tight twisty's and loose a few seconds. DAMN. So I get the bell lap and DRILL it, its only 10 min of hurting right? The guy is coming back and after the BIG sand run up I am ~3-4 seconds back...I have his bullseye in my sights.

I chase like mad till we hit the pavement, he looks back, sees me, and punches it....good for 16th place and another 5 euro pay day.

With perfect weather, a GREAT course and friendly dutch folks (who almost all spoke english) it was a GREAT cross day. If I come back to this area someday, I will do this race for sure.

Train well, be well.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

One down...

and 6euro richer.

We raced in Schriek at a small, local race. Really, like in someones backyard...but full pro. announcer, smoky beer tent, tricky course in the woods.

There were ~35 Masters A racers, and some serious looking dudes. The course was TIGHT and twisty w/little place to pass. Start is key. So I go and slip my pedal right at the start....DOH.

I hit the single track in 12th or so.

Move up 1-2 spots in lap 1, then get caught behind a guy who is going way slow....I am patient, ya know, not rock the boat in the first race.

Once I am by him, I start to move up and reel in people. With 1 to go, I catch Greg (he nailed the start) and get buy on the grass straight away (note ZERO pavement here).

Just then the dude who has sat on me for 3 laps....punches it and drops me....good bike racer.

I hold on for 7th and some $$!

Greg gets 8th so we have has dominance for the day...but this is cross, and we race tomorrow. Could be A LOT different.

Check in tomorrow...


Friday, January 11, 2008


So we are on the ground in Belgiam, Blauberg to be exact. About 50K from Brussels.

Travel was tricky as usual. Our flight from Dulles to Brussels was cancelled early Thursday AM, so we all had to scramble. I got on a Dulles to Munich flight, then connected to Brussels. My companions, Greg and Brandon flew Denver to Philly then on to Brussels.

You know you are in the mecca when you see Johan Bruyneel (ex-Director of Discovery Channel) in the airport.

We got settled, built a bike...and went for a spin. In the rain of course.

Tomorrow we race our first race in Schriek Groot Lo.

talk soon,


Friday, January 04, 2008

T-Minus 1 week...

till we are in Belgie to ride/race in the mud and frozen cow patties! I am psyched, and glad I dont have to try to hold onto my bike form much longer!!

The 'numbers' from the old SRM are good, the kilos are low, my only concern is my tech skills, since I have not been outside since mid Dec...from all the snow. Near 4 feet "banks" in my driveway!

After that trip...home to race the Winter Tri Worlds Qualifier at Weston ( and ski a bunch. I hope the traditional Jan. thaw does not ruin this great snow pack!

Equipment wise for Belgie, I think I am leaving the high zoot reynolds carbon wheels home, and bringing 3 pairs of Ksyriums w/Typhoon, Rhino, Pippi's mounted. I can true these if they come out and wont be so concerned about some airline luggage dude crushing them.

I hope to update daily from the land of Frites and stay posted.

Authorized SRM Dealer!!