Monday, May 11, 2009

Nationals, Worlds and randomness.

Wow...where does 6 weeks go?

I guess when you have 3 kids, a handful of athletes and also try to be a hack athlete your time is limited.

where to start...

-the fam is doing well, hopefully the winter crud is over and we will all be healthy for a great/fun summer.

-PBMC athletes have been racing really well, check the site for more details.

-training...a little of that too, but I dont want to do too much as it might effect my coaching methods, eh!?

Now, racing...yea I did that a few times. First was Du Nationals in Richmond VA the last weekend of April. I was not too bright and I signed up for the "Double Du". This means I raced both Championships events : off-road and road. The off-road was 10K trail run, 28K mtb, and 5Km trail run. The course was VERY hard and relentless...then throw in 96F temps and I was RUINED Saturday afternoon. I did end up winning the AG though! I was 50/50 for Sunday at best. I ate a lot, I drank A LOT and I salted everything...along w/ice bags on the legs. I woke Sun and felt ok, except my feet really hurt. I decided to start the road event and see how I felt after each leg....well I plugged along at about 80% (no lie) and ended up 9th in the AG! Go figure. So I had the option for my second worlds team of 2009 but declined as I really want to focus on Cyclocross and so I need to save my "hall passes" for the fall.

Next up was the "Brunswick Worlds", PolarBear Sprint Triathlon in my home town. This was the Saturday after Richmond and I was not sure I could race until Friday. I was deep in the pain cave after the Double down there. Thursday pre-race I "jogged" 3 miles and barely made it home. Then Friday I headed to the pool and it was packed w/folks prepping for "worlds"...I felt pretty good. That PM I did a 60min spin and a light jog and decided to go for it on Saturday. Long story...I ended up second to Mike C. (again) with the best bike split of the day...again, go figure.

Next up are some small local races, then a series of Xterra offroad events this summer.

I hope you are all in!