Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Plans...

...a lot of truth here in the Perham house.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Shedd Park : BRC Cross : Short Report

I really enjoy this course! I had to miss it in 2008 as I was away at the OTC for some work functions. The course is super fun and the promoter added a few technical sections for this year including a series of steep 180 turns on the side hill along w/a double barrier at the bottom of the steep run up.

I lined up (ok pushed my way...) on the front row next to Bill Shattuck. Some of the usual VERGE suspects were racing as well, including Rob Hult and Mark G and John M from the 45+ A races. I got a good jump and followed Bill around the cinder track. When we hit the twisty's on lap 1, I punched it and got a good 5sec gap but knew I only had "ok" legs so I decided I would ease up, ride smooth and wait for the cavalry to arrive. Soon I was joined by elite racer Pete Smith, Bill S, and a few others. Bill, Pete and I did the lions share of the work and soon we had a gap over Rob Hult. We rode well together till 1 to go then I threw down a series of hard efforts to see where we all stood...I had a nice little gap up the steep riding section, then proceeded to almost dump it in the next corner...DOH! So it would come down to a sprint on the track. 2 Roadies v. me, the triathlete...great. I lead through the forest and onto the track, I waited a second or 2 then I nailed it. I knew if I stayed on the inside Bill and Pete would have to come around me. I never really "sprinted" per se, just pushed VERY hard on the pedals...with ~15 meters to the line, I saw Pete inching closer...but not in time! Win! I was pretty psyched as I feel I did most of the work in the group and led a large part of the race. Pete and Bill were impeded a bit by back markers for sure...but I took the chance to lead onto the finish strip, and it paid off.

Next up are 2 VERGE races in Sterling MA and then the VERGE finals in RI....then a little break!

Here are a few pics from the race, thanks to Nick6kcin for them!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

everybody is getting into cross...

first triathletes, now the hipsters.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

quicky NoHo Recap

Leading up the run up Saturday.

Sat : 6th with really bad legs. Looking back, I dont see anything glaring that might indicate why (diet/openers workout, etc) maybe just a long drive Fri and Sat AM?

Sun : was MUCH better. Great start, made the selection with the big hitters (Bold, Hines, Aspolm, Kraus and Boivin). Curtis got spit out 2 laps in and then I bobbled/drove like an idiot and got spit out rolling into the last lap. Rolled in for an uncontested 5th.

Next up are two low key race weekends then the frozen tundra of Sterling the weekend after Thanksgiving.
Hup, Hup y'all!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

NoHo is this weekend!

One of my favorite courses!