Monday, November 23, 2009

Shedd Park : BRC Cross : Short Report

I really enjoy this course! I had to miss it in 2008 as I was away at the OTC for some work functions. The course is super fun and the promoter added a few technical sections for this year including a series of steep 180 turns on the side hill along w/a double barrier at the bottom of the steep run up.

I lined up (ok pushed my way...) on the front row next to Bill Shattuck. Some of the usual VERGE suspects were racing as well, including Rob Hult and Mark G and John M from the 45+ A races. I got a good jump and followed Bill around the cinder track. When we hit the twisty's on lap 1, I punched it and got a good 5sec gap but knew I only had "ok" legs so I decided I would ease up, ride smooth and wait for the cavalry to arrive. Soon I was joined by elite racer Pete Smith, Bill S, and a few others. Bill, Pete and I did the lions share of the work and soon we had a gap over Rob Hult. We rode well together till 1 to go then I threw down a series of hard efforts to see where we all stood...I had a nice little gap up the steep riding section, then proceeded to almost dump it in the next corner...DOH! So it would come down to a sprint on the track. 2 Roadies v. me, the triathlete...great. I lead through the forest and onto the track, I waited a second or 2 then I nailed it. I knew if I stayed on the inside Bill and Pete would have to come around me. I never really "sprinted" per se, just pushed VERY hard on the pedals...with ~15 meters to the line, I saw Pete inching closer...but not in time! Win! I was pretty psyched as I feel I did most of the work in the group and led a large part of the race. Pete and Bill were impeded a bit by back markers for sure...but I took the chance to lead onto the finish strip, and it paid off.

Next up are 2 VERGE races in Sterling MA and then the VERGE finals in RI....then a little break!

Here are a few pics from the race, thanks to Nick6kcin for them!


GetBackJoJo said...

Love the pics.

rungirl said...

Another win for KP. Nice!!