Sunday, July 27, 2008

What a difference a year makes!

2008 would be a tough year, I knew that. With twin girls due in April and a 3 year old son, family would be my first priority.

As a long time athlete, sometimes it is hard to break those self absorbed ways and focus on something else...this is something I am dealing with daily.

Yesterday was the Urban Epic, our local "big" Olympic Distance race in Portland. Last year I won the inaugural event and won big. One of those "did not even hurt" days. I did not defend my title. Instead I got my first ever (non mechanical) DNF. I actually think my form is OK (not 2007 good) but mentally I am dealing with a lot. And when it started to hurt...I bailed.

I am surprisingly ok with it.

I really love training, and being healthy...and even love racing. But I love my family more and realize that for the next few years (before the kids don't like me!) I need to focus on their needs and desires. This goes for my athletes as well. As I have said (and most coaches will too...), being a great athlete is not a prerequisite for being a GREAT coach. 2008 I might verify that:-)!

So for now, I will continue to train, train consistently, and sometimes hard...but I will put the family, then my athletes first and my athletic "needs" second.

To anybody of luck to you in your athletic endeavours...and watch out for me in 2009!

Congrats to PBMC athlete Mike Caiazzo for WINNING the Urban Epic!(picured)