Monday, December 24, 2007

SoCal Cross

Something about "socal" and "cross" just seems odd.

Esp since it was 75 degrees and sunny for the race, Santa Cross, at Pierce College.

All the local hotshoe's were there, Prenzlow, Easter, Cruz, etc.

No call up, still had a front row start (small fields out here).

Got a good jump then pulled my foot out of the pedal...doh. Slotted into ~6th into the bumpy singletrack section. Feeling good. Short sleeve skinsuit, I can get used to this...

Up the steep climb, pass a guy or 2, make the front group. Me and one other 35+ A rider. Ok, now wait....

A small selection is made when Brent, Mike and Tony roll off the front on lap 3. No problem...I am not really racing them right? I am with the other 35+ guy (not sure of his name), and feel VERY good. I pull a bit, and then he comes around and I feel the pace slow...note to self.

Then on the next lap, on the 180 into the singletrack, I feel the back tire "washout" a bit...odd. Are they that low psi? Then up the steep climb, again I feel an off slippage. Down the fast downhill and I bottom out the rim....shit....I am flatting. I swing out a bit and drop behind the Bailey Bike dude and hope it is a slow leak. Then around the sharp turn to the run up and I feel the rim again....I hop off, up the run up and stop. Sure as's flat. I am done. 1 bike, 1 set of wheels. 15min of racing. DAMN!!!

It ended up being an old rusty safety pin stuck in the tire. True bummer.

First flat of the season, happens to come 3000+ miles from home.

I hope I can save the tire with some sealant....and have gotten the flats out of the way before Belgie.

Happy holidays y'all.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

the cruelest gift...

Thanks Stu and do I keep my race weight till Belgium?

To everybody else, happy holidays!

I am off to Cali to see the fam (and race CX:-))