Thursday, May 25, 2006

long time without an update...

been busy and no updates, here is a quick rundown.
past weekend was solid. a 90 mile / 8 mile brick on Sat, all at goal IM pace +, then Sunday went to the Damariscotta TT. Felt good, got second only after somebody protested his biggie. still a solid ride. Proceeded to ride home for a good volume day to boot!
Mon: off (went to Boston for work)
Tues: swim/run in the AM, some HIM intervals on the bike in the PM
Wed: big run for the week, ran the last 6 at low IM - HIM pace, felt good.
Thursday: swim/run in the AM, easy couple hours on the bike in the PM

This weekend is a biggie...
Race Simulation day Sat (probably 8 hours worth!)
Sunday will be a 6/60/6 combo (the 666, as it is as hard the devil)!

Friday, May 19, 2006

the last few days, Wed-Fri

Wed: ran an easy 18 miles in the AM, hilly route, kept HR sub 150BPM and ~8 min pace.
PM: 1:30 easy spin to loosen up.

Thurs: swim 3500 yards, mixed pace set.
PM: rode 3 hours steady on the tri bike.

Fri: TIRED! aborted my long swim at ~2000 yards and getting a massage. Gotta listen to the body sometimes!

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tues 5/16

solid swim today. felt ok, ~4000 yards with some longer sets and a few pull sets. then ran 5 miles easy at 7:30 pace. This afternoon, I will bang out some IM efforts on the trainer then run another 5. Big run week.

on another note...back on antibiotics. this time for a broken tooth! I need to get extracted!

Monday, May 15, 2006

the week of May 7-14th

well no illnesses to report!!!
After the Ironbear, I cruised a few hours Sunday then started to hit it hard Monday. This week was more of a intensity focus, dropped the volume a bit (~17 hours) and added a tempo finish to my long run and a set of threshold efforts on the bike. 2x15min at ~290w. Felt strong. Some solid swim sets too, ~16,000 yards.

Finished the week with a 108/4 brick. Felt very comfortable on the run. So the pace and nutrition must have been good (I love coke!)

To the dentist today to get my tooth fixed I hope...I have to admit, I am scared s&^$less of dentist!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

a couple of days and a race

so friday I did a short swim ~1200 yards with a few hard efforts. Then came home and road the TT bike for an hour with some efforts near 300w to open up for Sat.

Sat was the big Ironbear Sprint here in town...Brunswick Worlds. Had an OK race, fair swim, great T1 (passed 5 people, what are you doing in transition?), led on the bike mixing the pace with Mike C and Chris B, then Mike pulled away on the bike a bit. I was second into T2, had a quick change, then out to get dusted by Mike on the run. Second overall, 1st in AG. Not too bad considering I am only doing longer, slower stuff.

A good week all in all, ~47 miles of running which is good!
train hard folks.

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

...back in the game

so I am feeling better on the antibiotics. Back to some solid training. Some volume this week (~22 hours) then some intensity next week.
Monday was a long swim only...tired.
Tuesday: long swim (4000 yards) then a 5mile run.
PM was a trainer set with some sustained HIM efforts, then another 4 mile run.

Wed: was a 3000 yard swim (which I was a bit banged up after) then in the PM was a long run of 17 miles. This was done pretty easy as I am a bit tired.

Thursday: 4 mile easy run in the am.
2.5 hour easy ride in the PM...then a massage!