Friday, April 13, 2007

solid week...and more crap weather

I gotta admit, some place warm and sunny as a home base is sounding pretty good about now. I am so over the trainer, that I tried to get outside for most bike sessions this week...till Thursday when it snowed 5 more inches. Uggh.

Solid week otherwise :

16 K swim total, and my swimming is starting to come along at that!

another 40 mile run week with a 13 mile long(ish) run that was very comfortable

not sure on bike hours yet (still tomorrow) but it will be fine considering the weather.

Hope you met your goals (training and everything else!)

Monday, April 09, 2007

end of winter, sunny training....back to winter

so it has been ages since I posted anything here, so here is a quick summary.

The ski season ended on a down note at the Rangeley Loppet. This was a target race for me, but on Thursday b4 the race I could feel a cold/bug coming on. I tried to race, but bailed after 1 lap. Then had a full on sinus infection for a week....GREAT.

I then hung up the boards and started to ride a bit in prep for the Tucson camp. I got 1-2 3 hour rides in then headed to Tucson for 7 days in the sun. It was a great camp and we got almost 500 miles in (plus I ran ~30 miles and swam a session). The last few days the weather was a little crummy so we had to cut back then.

Came back to Maine to more cold and winter like weather, in fact we got about a foot of snow at my house Thursday and had a snowy Easter. I have to admit...I am getting sick of the cold.

I am trying to ramp the training up a bit, but am fighting a little motivation issue right now (could be the weather?), but did get 20K swimming and 40+ miles of running in last week and hope to push the cycling back up this week...until the next snow fall they are predicting for Thursday!!!

Till then...train with joy.