Tuesday, November 14, 2006

getting my swerve on...

so the time changed and I am all of a sudden motivated to train??? Not sure why. I have rekindled my love for cyclo-cross and even signed up for Nationals in RI...that should be a royal flogging for sure! It will be 12 years of racing cross for me, wow the sport has grown in the US since then.

I have been on a major run focus too, 40 runs in 40 days..nothing hard, just daily 4 milers to keep the economy up.

On top of that, throw in 2 rollerskis, and even some general strength for vanity:-) and I am back after it. Not huge hours, but hours and consistency, that is really the key in long term endurance development. We need to get out of the "today's workout" mentality and get more to the "everydays workout" process. This will bring results guaranteed.

The PBM Athletes are racing fast and wrapping up the season strong...shout outs to Liz W., Marty C. and Rick M. for strong races at IMFL and 70.3 Worlds...time for some down time.

Chat soon.

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